Candy Paradise

Candy Paradise 1.2.068

The most challenging and interesting games to have ever been released within the genre

Candy Paradise is a novel take on the match three type of game which is FREE to download and to play. In fact, it can lay claim to being one of the most challenging and interesting games to have ever been released within the genre! Affording gamers top quality visuals with some superb graphics and an excellent design, the game is easy to learn how to play and thoroughly entertaining once you have done so.

In terms of gameplay, the fun is never-ending and it is highly unlikely that you would ever get bored in such as paradise. Of course, there are always a few things that you might pick up along with way which will offer something of a boost as your adventure progresses. As such, you had better keep an eye out for these gameplay elements as you play!

Play Candy Paradise with the marvellous character of Cupid and have fun in this engaging and delightful game! Be careful not to get lost in the paradise, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

Game features:

There are numerous surprises for players to enjoy along the way and you will find that these are designed for discovery at each level. You won't run out of fun, either, because there are in excess of one hundred levels for you to challenge yourself with. More levels will be arriving any day, so look out for the latest game updates.

The game also features some lovely graphics and there are powerful boosters to look out for amongst the action, too. Coins are free within the game and they are worth collecting because they could help you to pass on to the next level.

How to play:

Firstly, players need to match three or more of the same candies in order to blast them from the screen. Then players must complete certain targets within each level before they run out of moves. Just play – it is so easy to pick up.

Thanks for your download of Candy Paradise, an amusing way to pass the time.

Candy Paradise


Candy Paradise 1.2.068

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